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5 Best WiFi Hotspot for Gaming

Apr 9, 2021 | Gadget

For the best online gaming experience in mobile using Wifi, hotspot is a great option. With WiFi hotspot, device gamers can access online games with utmost efficiency. Connecting to the internet remotely doesn’t always hold the strongest connection. However, a WiFi hotspot device can form a strong bond between your mobile and the internet. This allows you to enjoy smooth online gaming without any interruption.

Online gaming has become very popular, especially due to the Covid-19 situation where we can’t hang-out with our friends. More and more people are engaging in online gaming due to its interactive features. And with the rise of gamers,  companies are producing more and more gaming tools, including interface for messaging. Among the vast variety of options, it can be hard to find the best one. And if you want an uninterrupted online gaming experience, you obviously need the best WiFi hotspot device. As it’s impossible for you to try them all out before determining the perfect one, we have done this work for you. In this article, you will get to know what you should look for in a WiFi hotspot for gaming and what are some of the best options available for you.

What to Consider Before Purchasing WiFi Hotspot for Gaming:

Before purchasing the perfect WiFi hotspot for gaming, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to make sure you are getting the perfect product. These certain features will make sure your hotspot device can provide satisfying performance. Here are the basic issues you should keep in mind before making your purchase.

  1. Data Transmission Speed:

While gaming online, the gaming performance vastly depends on the data transmission speed. It’s basically the process of transferring data between devices. In terms of hotspot connection, the data transmission speed is labeled as ‘generation’ of technology. You should always look for the latest version in this case. At present, the 4G is the fastest option available. It’s more than enough for online gaming. Having 4G in a hotspot device means it allows up-to 150 mbps download and 50 mbps upload speed. This results in lag free smooth gaming. 

The term 4G can mean differently in case of cell phone transmission and hotspot device. While in case of cell phone 4G indicate to a faster internet connection, having 4G in hotspot device indicates to the data transmission limit the device is entitled to.   

  1. Bandwidth:

The bandwidth rate has to be top-notch if you want a lag-free gaming experience. 

Lag in games basically indicates to the delay between the action of the players and the response of the game server. Lag prevents a player from accurately rendering the state of the game and hinders the gamer’s progress. To escape this problem, a good bandwidth is a must.

Bandwidth refers to the rate of data being downloaded to keep your game moving. This rate is measured by Mbps or megabits per second. The more Mbps you have, the smoother your gaming experience will be. To ensure a satisfying gaming experience you need the minimum bandwidth of 3-5 Mbps.

  1. Battery Life:

Battery life ensures the duration you will need to play uninterruptedly. If you want to keep gaming till you are satisfied, you will need a hotspot device that will last for at least 10 hours. A survey shows that a gamer usually spends 2 hours on average every day on gaming. You probably play a bit more or less than this duration. But keeping 10 hours as a standard duration is way more than enough. So make sure the hotspot device you are choosing has the battery life of at least 10 hours. And don’t forget to plug it into your charger every time you are done using the device.

However, there is another way of dealing with this problem. You can use a plug-in hotspot device that supports charging as well. This way you can be assure of constant non-stop gaming whether you have electricity or not. 

  1. Compatibility:

Mobile hotspot devices usually require a SIM card installed in order to function. However, not all types of SIM are compatible with such devices. So before making a purchase make sure you have the perfect SIM card that will be compatible with the hotspot device.

  1. Device Connectivity:

Online gaming becomes more fun when you have all the players in the same room. But if all of you don’t have the same internet speed then your gaming experience can be disappointing. This is why you should buy a hotspot device that allows multiple mobiles to connect. The best one can connect to up to 10 devices and provide similar data flow to each device. So be aware of this matter before making a decision.

It can be tough, and even impossible to know which devices have all these features and which don’t. But don’t worry, because we have tried many hotspot devices just for your convenience and narrowed it down to the best 5 choices. The WiFi hotspots enlisted below will always keep you in the gaming world no matter where you are. 

5 Best WiFi Hotspot for Gaming:

As previously mentioned, not all devices will be beneficial for you. But the hotspot devices we have enlisted below will surely provide you with satisfying service. If you find any of this device adequate for you then follow the link added with the details of each product and get the device for yourself. Let’s check them out.

  1. Netgear Nighthawk M1:

We are starting with the most expensive one. Why? Because this one is the overall best among the 5 we have enlisted. Despite its high price, it’s totally worth it. Netgear Nighthawk M1 can impressively connect to up to 20 devices simultaneously. This also has a 1 GB Ethernet port to allow you to offload broadband usage. Through the USB port and SD port of this device you can use external data in this device.

The hotspot is 4G LTE. But despite the high data transformation rate, its battery life can keep it active for 24 hours which is pretty remarkable. Check it out here.  


  • Connects to 20 devices
  • 24 hours long battery life
  • 3 ports (USB, SD, & Ethernet)
  • 4G LTE and 1Gbps download speed
  • Compatible with different phones


  • Complicated setup process
  • Can have charging issues
  1. ZTE Velocity:

This one is also a marvelous mobile hotspot device for gaming. Its 4g LTE and 150 Mbs download speed come at a comparatively low price. It can connect to up to 10 different devices at the same time as well.

What’s different about ZTE Velocity is it has a separate guest WiFi and this enhances security. Overall, it’s a reasonably priced hotspot device. However, the short battery life of 10 hours won’t support longer gaming hours. But there is a solution to this problem as well. If you sue this device while keeping it plugged in then you will get a longer hour of consistent service. Here is more.


  • 4G LTE with 150Mbps
  • Connects to 10 devices
  • Guest and dual-band WiFi


  • Not compatible with all phones
  • Short battery life


  1. Reliance WD670:

This device is the cheapest one of our picks. However, its low price didn’t affect its overall quality. With the ability to connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi and 150Mbps of download speed, it’s a pretty impressive device if you consider how much it costs. Most surprisingly it can connect up to 31 devices simultaneously. In addition, the battery life is good as well.

It’s highly recommended for gamers on a budget. Here is the price.


  • 4G LTE with 150 Mbps download speed
  • Good battery life
  • Connects to 31 devices
  • Cheap


  • Not compatible with CDMA carriers
  • 5 GHz WiFi not supported


  1. Skyroam Solis X Smartspot:

This particular one is an ideal hotspot device for gamers who stream live. Along with the 4G LTE and battery life of up to 16 hours, Skyroam provides you with multiple data plans. It can connect to 10 devices at the same time as well.

However, the most attractive part of this device is its camera and recording system. There is a built-in 8MP camera in this device with a good voice recording device. It’s very effective when it comes to streaming online while playing. Check it out here.


  • Built-in 8MP camera
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Multiple data plans
  • Connects to 10 devices


  • SIM card slot unavailable
  • Speed decreases after 20 GB


  1. GlocalMe G4 Pro:

For heavy mobile gamers out there this is the most perfect hotspot device. Though its data plans are quite expensive, the deals are worth it. This device is 4G with the download speed of 150Mbps. Despite its fast performance, it has the battery life of 15 hours.

Though it allows you fewer conveniences compared to other devices, the efficiency of its performance is marvelous. See it for yourself here.


  • Good with heavy games
  • Various data plans available
  • Above-average battery life


  • Expensive data plans
  • No SIM card slot



If you are confused about which hotspot device to choose for online mobile gaming then your confusion ends here. You can totally trust our verdict and take help from here. Just see which device suits your need and enjoy uninterrupted gaming with your friends.

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