Charging cables are not as irritating as headphones, at least they don’t get twisted every time. Those long white cables are thicker, stronger, and shorter than headphone cords.

But, chargers have their own problems too. I bet you face the struggle of plugging the cable into your phone’s USB (Universal Serial Bus) port a lot of time. That’s okay, we all have to go through this.

Plugging in a charger cable

Finding out the USB porthole at first try does not happen to work out for most of the time. You have to grab the head of the USB of your cable first, then try to plug it into the port of the phone, but not without a duel with the port. You need to find it at first, then comes problems with plugging in.

As a result, we end up grabbling around the phone. Specially, at night, when we are comfortable enough not to get up from the bed, or fire up the light, we try to execute the operation of charging our devices in the stealthiness of dark, but we fail miserably. We can’t even find the right spot to plug the charger.

We keep trying, eventually give up and get up all the way from the comfort of the bed just to charge our devices. What a shame! I thought the job of technology is to make our lives better and cosier.

Well, technology is doing its best, there’s no doubt about that. We saw Gallium Nitride chargers (link to recent article) recently entering the market. These new kinds of charges are tinier than the traditional chargers and can charge faster.

GaN chargers took care of several drawbacks of regular chargers; from charging faster to charging all devices with one charger. But, one area the new GaN chargers  missed out- how to fix the irritating issue of easily plugging the cord into the phone.

Engineers who came up with the technological advancement of the silicon chargers into GaN chargers, did not think about the problem in question. But some people gave it a thought. Their creative idea presented us with the magnetic charging cables. Can you think of a charger that only needs one hand to use? Magnetic cables are made for that.

What is a magnetic charging cable?

A magnetic cable is, for the most part, just like the regular charger cables. The only difference that makes it smarter than the normal ones is it uses magnetic-power to connect to the phone instead of pushing by hand.

A smartphone charger has different parts in it. The brick that you plug into the electricity socket is known as an adapter. Then there is the USB cable. The end that you put into your adapter is known as the USB connector and the other end is called the USB type A/B/C.

There are different types of USB cables. USB type-A cables are the common ones. USB type-B cables are used to connect the computer with the printer or scanner. USB type-C is the latest addition and it can be plugged in either way; up or down.

Usually we have to connect the tiny end of the USB cable with our hand, by pushing it into the porthole of the smartphone. But, magnetic cables use magnets that do not need any pushing to connect the charger. When you bring the cable near the porthole, the cable automatically gets drawn to the phone, just like two pieces of magnets attract and connect each other.

How do magnetic charging cables work?

We are used to the idea of cables transmitting electricity to one point to another. Magnetic cables literally use magnets for conducting electricity from wall socket to the device.

All magnets are not conductors. Ferromagnetic materials are made of iron or alloys of Iron like nickel, cobalt gadolinium etc. which conduct electricity. The cables use these kinds of magnets.

Magnetic cable chargers come with different USB tips. The tips are made of magnets too. You have to plug the tips based on their characteristics in your devices. They are small in size and do not cross the thickness level of the phone. When you bring the magnetic cable-end to the attached-tip of your phone, both magnets will get attached to each other pretty strictly and start charging.

Why use a magnetic charging cable?

First of all, it’s relaxing. Charging your smartphone during driving will be much easier with these cables. You will not have to take your eyes off the road.

You can use wireless RF (Radio Frequency) chargers for charging your phone easily while driving your car. But, magnetic charging cables will let you do that at a low cost. Magnetic charging cables are cheaper than the former ones.

There are some other reasonable advantages of these chargers that are described below.


According to Volta, these chargers are made from military-grade material. You don’t have to worry about breaking the cable anymore.

One cable for all

As there are several tips with the charger, you don’t have to buy more than one charger. Depending on the tips, you can use the tips for your Android phone, iPhone, playstation controller etc.


That’s what we have been talking about the whole time. The cables are super flexible to help reduce the struggle of plugging. Some cables are designed to move 360° around so that they do not get disconnected even if twisted with considerable force.

Transferring Data

It’s obvious the cables can transfer data from phones to laptops. But, sometimes, with regular kinds of cables, we seem to have the glitch of not having connection between our laptop and phone. That’s mostly because of the loose connection issue. But, with magnetic cables, the connection is always steady.

Where to buy magnetic charging cables?

Here are some recommendations that we found on the internet. TOPK USB Magnetic Cable comes with a rotating magnetic head. It’s dust-proof, which long-time users will find wholesome. We recommend you review the About section of the product information before you buy from the internet.

NetDot’s third-generation magnetic charging cables support USB2.0 fast charging for iPhone & Android. The magnetic connector can also be used as an Anti-dust plug. The product gives a one year warranty service which means it will refund and/or perfect replacements for any kind of quality issue.

While some cables can not transfer data from one device to another, NetDot’s cables ensure that.

This Magnetic Charging Cable 360° rotation and an LED (Light-emitting diode) has light. The LED will glow when the cable is connected. That’s going to be a great help during charging in darkness. The charger also comes with three different magnetic tips which are Micro USB & Type C & i-Product.

Digital Ant Gen magnetic charging cable is another fast charging cable that works at maximum 3.0 ampere. The cable is capable of transferring 480 MB of data per second. With its more stable and stronger magnet, the cable is specially designed for drivers, vision impaired persons, persons with special needs and seniors when charging or data transfer is needed.

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