Charging our electronic devices sometimes feels like a primitive technology. This may sound exaggerated but charging should take less time than it happens to take with current technology. Technology is changing, getting into new shape and smarter forms everyday. Charging technology really needs a big change.

While fast-charging is a buzzword around the smartphone world nowadays,  we have GaN chargers waiting to enter the show on a mass scale. GaN chargers are already in the market available for everyone, but the GaN technology can give us far more than just some tiny brick of chargers.

What does GaN mean?

GaN stands for Gallium Nitride. Gallium – a semiconductor. A conductor is the kind of material that transmits electricity. Insulators do not have the capability to do that. A semiconductor stands between these two materials. Semiconductors are used in electronic chips and circuits.

Gallium needs to be combined with nitrogen to use  in  electronic devices. With the presence of heat, gases containing gallium and nitrogen react chemically and create gallium nitride.

GaN was thought to be a useless semiconductor back in 1993 when the work just began but now it’s the future that might replace silicon forever.

The traditional silicon chargers

Chargers we usually use are based on silicon. Silicon is a semiconductor that thrives in the market of electronic devices.  For decades, it was used in the technology industry but the time of silicon has come, arguably, to an end because it seems to be reaching the theoretical limit for further improvement.

Silicon-made chargers are bigger in size than its counterpart GaN chargers. It has a lower band-gap than the newly arrived one. The larger the band-gap, the more electricity can be transmitted by a semiconductor. So, a GaN charger can do the job much better. Silicon transistors are extremely cheap to produce, so they are widely used for making electronic devices, but GaN chargers have been grabbing popularity lately.

What is a GaN charger?

In 1965, American engineer Gordon Moor predicted in his popular  Moore’s Law that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. But this formula does not work anymore, because, there are no more effective scopes to improve the chip. Even Moore himself predicted that the law will be obsolete by 2025.

Everything changes with a better technology. GaN technology is the new kid on the block which is ready to take over the silicon-based products.

GaN chargers are noticeably smaller because they don’t need a lot of the components that are inevitable for silicon-made chargers. For example, silicon chargers often have a big heat sink for controlling the heat problem, but gallium nitride can take in much more heat than silicon. So, it does not contain that specific component for heating issues.

The advantages of GaN chargers

They are not relatively cheap yet because of not being produced on a mass scale. The technology industry literally is dependent on silicon. It is not an overnight job to replace with gallium nitride. Some people are trying to make GaN on silicon-products. But, now that it’s more effective, and has a lot of advantages, there is no doubt it will arise with full potentiality in the near future. We will discuss some attractive advantages of GaN chargers.

Wider Band Gap

Gallium nitride’s band gap is 3.1 electron-volts (eV) while silicon’s is 1.1 eV. More band gap conducts current much faster because it can withstand higher voltages. In case of current-conducting, GaN is one thousand times more efficient than silicon.

Faster charging

This is one of the best advantages of GaN chargers. They take less time to charge devices because of their band gaps. Band gaps help push more energy to the device and because of the high heat limit, they don’t just heat up and lose energy. Thus, the device can be charged faster than any other kind of silicon-made fast chargers.

Smaller size

A GaN charger is 40% smaller than a silicon charger. This makes it not only easy-to-use but also stylish and sharp in appearance. Smaller size means you will have to waste less space in your travel bag just for a charger.

Multiple devices with one charger

Yes, these chargers can be used for charging multiple devices. You can charge your smartphone, laptops, tablets, everything that is chargeable with a silicon charger, with just one of these chargers. No need to buy different kinds of chargers anymore. Again, your travel bag will have  more available space.

Heat limit

Gallium Nitride’s heat limit is 600 °C. Silicon can hold up to only 150 °C.  It means the longevity of these modern chargers are much more than that of traditional charging devices. Higher heat limit also indicates that there will be less loss of energy as heat.

Power efficiency

A GaN charger can work up to at 95% efficiency while the efficiency rate of silicon is 87%.  This will help decrease the consumption of energy. There is an estimate that says if all the silicon-based devices in the United States were to be replaced with gallium nitride, the consumption of energy would decrease almost 10%, which is kind of a big deal if we think about it with a broader perspective.

Environment friendly

As we will not be needing multiple chargers for multiple devices, this means there will be less electronic waste in future. To add to this point, GaN chargers have better lifespan which means we don’t have a lot of broken chargers around our home.

Where can you buy them?

As we mentioned earlier, these chargers are not widely available yet. To be honest, there are a lot of people out there who haven’t even heard about these revolutionary devices. Wait, don’t worry, the chargers are now produced commercially, and just need more marketing, is all.

RAVPower is a renowned brand for GaN chargers. Look at those tiny beautiful chargers on their website ready to be shipped to your home. Why not try today one of them and be the few of the first folks out there to use a GaN charger?

RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger can charge dual devices at a time. You are thinking about charging a smartphone and a laptop together, but, the cooler thing is you can charge two laptops simultaneously with this technology marvel. Anker is another company selling GaN chargers to its customers. Their fast-charging GaN chargers are designed to charge laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.

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